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Mardi Gras Cruise 2021

Carnival Cruise just announced their newest ship: the Mardi Gras. Come join Your Escape Route onboard the Mardi Gras during what better time? Mardi Gras 2021. Oh yeah, it is also 2 days after Valentine’s Day. So grab your honey. Grab your beads and masks and don’t miss out on this fun filled cruise.


Day 1: Orlando, FL. All aboard!

Day 2-3: Fun Day at Sea. Cruise the beautiful blue seas, relax by the pool, gamble, party, and my favorite EATING!

Day 4: San Juan, PR. Go explore the city and don’t forget your beads; ITS MARDI GRAS!

Day 5: Amber Cove, DR. Hopefully, you didn’t party too much and you’re able to hit the town.

Day 6: Grand Turk. This is your last port. Make the most of it before it is time to head back home.

Day 7: Fun Day at Sea. Pack and eat. Sounds like a nice calm day.

Day 8: Orlando, Fl. Permission to go ashore?… Say Au Revoir to your awesome time.