Want to find great flight prices? Use skyscanner to search great travel destinations all over the world. It searches over 1200 airlines and travel websites, saving you TIME and ENERGY!

Here are 4 features that make Skyscanner one of the best tools to find flights:

  • Multi city search tool

  • Price trend tracker

  • Everywhere search

  • They have an app

The third feature is my favorite. Many of us want to travel, but may not have a destination in mind. The everywhere feature shows counties that you 1. Never thought about visiting or 2. The price is so perfect you can’t miss out. You can simply enter your origin and set your destination on everywhere. It will then categorize the choices by best, cheapest, and fastest. As well as, providing the best month to travel. Which is amazing for the flexible, but price conscientious traveler.

Skyscanner also allows you check prices for a whole month. The cheaper prices will appear in green allowing you to plan around those dates.

There are many benefits to using skyscanner, but you will have to check it out for yourself. Or don’t check it out.

Destination Weddings/Honeymoon

Destination Weddings/Honeymoon