Know Your Flight Rights

There are 2 very important documents that every traveler needs to know about.

  1. EU 261/2004


    Denied Boarding


  2. Montreal Convention

    Luggage lost, delayed, or damaged


For flights that have been delayed 2+ hours are entitled to free meals, 2 free calls (should for some reason your cell phone is dead or may not be able to make international calls), and emails. For flights that have been delayed into the next day (ie. flight was at 2000, but rescheduled to 0800) are entitled to hotel accommodations, transport to and from the airport, and meals. I have seen too many stories and pictures of customers being stuck at the airport overnight because their flights were delayed. Airlines SHOULD want the best for their customers, but who wants to own up to a mistake and chuck out money? Now for flights delayed 5+ hours, but isn’t a next day delay, are entitled to being reimbursed of full cost and/or should be given a return flight to your origin.

Denied Boarding

Everyone hears the intercom announcements asking for volunteers because the flight is oversold. side eye I would take the voucher if I wasn’t traveling under time restraints. You get money for another flight and a lot of times you are upgraded when booked on a new flight. That’s a win win! I know some of you don’t have that liberty. So hear is what you are entitled to: reimbursement of the ticket within 7 days, accommodations if away from your origin, and compensation.


Oh no ma’am! I need to get to my final destination.

Make sure you go to the customer service desk to see their alternate flights. Please remain calm! If the alternate flights are full then request a full refund on your flight.

What about those of you who need to get on a flight because of business obligations/wedding/funeral/…? Take note of no other available options and make a claim AFTER you book with another airline.

Here’s the catch, you’ll only be entitled to a new flight or refund of the flight if you were notified 14 days or more. For 14 days or less, then you can get a refund, new flight, and possibly compensation.

Luggage Issues

Airlines are terrible when it comes to luggage issues. That’s the truth. My recommendation is to not travel with your valuables in a checked bag, take a picture or make a note of what you pack and the cost, and TRAVEL INSURANCE. Your insurance is there for you and will work on your behalf.

Key Points:

Article 5: Entitled to reimbursements

Article 8: Rerouted

Article 9: Offered assistance including accommodations, meals, and transport

You can have up to 6 years to make a claim, but do it soonest.

A good tool to help with your claim compensation is flight stats It is a free flight delay tracker. Flight must be within 3 days, otherwise, will need a subscription.

For more information go to Civil Aviation Authority

Destination Weddings/Honeymoon

Destination Weddings/Honeymoon